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A chapbook of poetry by Therése Halscheid, that celebrates the earth and describes the interconnectedness between all creatures and how they communicate.

From the Author:

The focus of my current writing seeks to express who I am by sharing the way I perceive what is happening around me. I enjoy using earth images to bring forth a level of awareness often hidden beneath the surface experience. The current direction of my work strives to define the interconnectedness between all creatures and how we communicate.”


In the eighteenth century when William Blake wrote that "Nature is imagination itself," it was a statement by a mystic that was probably as little understood then as now.... Hermes Press, read more 


Hopkins Pond may not have the same ring of familiarity as Walden, but for Therése Halscheid, the tiny Haddonfield lake has provided the same connection to nature that Henry David Thoreau wrote about in 1864.... Courier Post, read more

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