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House-sitting / Pet Care

Meet Moe. He'll tell you all about me. He'll say that I care for him in his own home, while his parents are away. That I take he and his friend Max the poodle, for long walks. He might add that I've cared for all kinds of animals: dogs and cats of course, but also a miniature horse, baby doll sheep, hamsters, fish of all colors, elk, goats, a white rescue duck, even a flying squirrel. He better add I am clean and caring. And that I have references. Sometimes I mind properties without animals (Moe does not know this). I provide loving care and upkeep, tend to gardens, bring in mail, offer house protection. I have cared for shore houses, a log cabin, a cottage in the woods, farmhouses, old and modern homes. If you have interest and/or questions, just send a message. I will reply.

Courier Post Feature: How To Be A House-sitter, by John Scanlon

Therese Halscheid was fretting over the pipes, and with good reason. The temperature outside was flirting with 0 on this teeth-rattling, snowy night in the clapboard house in rustic Beach Lake, Pa. read more... 


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