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 A Poetry Collection That Explores Two Distant Worlds

(Winston-Salem, NC) — Press 53 is proud to announce the publication of Frozen Latitudes, a collection of poetry from New Jersey poet Therése Halscheid. The book was released November 1, 2014. 

Frozen Latitudes received the Eric Hoffer Book Award, Honorable Mention for Poetry. In addition it received two finalist awards in the Eric Hoffer Book Award series: the daVinci Award for book design; and the Montaigne Award for thought-provoking books. 

Poetry Editor Tom Lombardo says, “In this incredibly cold and warm collection, Therése Halscheid melds two journeys into a metaphoric chronicle of daily struggles against impossible odds where lives are at the very edge of survival. Ms. Halscheid’s Frozen Latitudes is rooted in two specific latitudes. One is a literal location in the far northern Arctic land where she lived among clans of Alaska, and the other is the rugged terrain of home while caring for a father with dementia.”

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ISBN 978-1-941209-12-7


In Praise of Frozen Latitudes

In Frozen Latitudes, Therése Halscheid welcomes the lucky reader into a world of deep love, familial illness, and the dual human urges to speak and be heard. The narrator takes a look at “how it really looked long ago” and how “lips, bright as scars, are parting / open with words so the great air can take them.” The settings of these exquisite poems range from a childhood home colored by a father’s dementia to the northern interior of Alaska with its stories from The Real People in which each word is “a language of light.” These are moving, masterful poems in a brilliantly cohesive collection.

— Donna Baier Stein, editor of Tiferet

The wrenching attempt to comprehend a father’s dementia fires Therése Halscheid’s Frozen Latitudes. Past starvation, past an encounter with a demanding landscape, the poet emerges tougher, wiser, her compassion intact. “But give me your words,” she writes, “that I might wear / what is unspoken outward / into the world.” This wondrous book does just that, with light, exactitude, and a respect for raw mystery.

— Paul Lisicky, author of Unbuilt Projects

“My lips, bright as scars, are parting / open with words,” writes Therése Halscheid. In these moving poems of loss, interwoven with vivid poems inspired by people and the landscape of Alaska, she composes resonant lines imbued with deep emotion.

— Arthur Sze, author of Compass Rose

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